Getting around Nairobi for business, city tours, road trips or wedding ceremonies really gets nasty in public transportation means like Matatus which are incredibly the cultural means of traveling in the busy Nairobi but for safety, punctuality, comfort and fixed prices you should consider hiring a car with a driver or for a self-drive within Nairobi and its environs.
How can I book a rental car?
Car reservations are available online via our website or you can opt to visit our office close to Ngongo Hills Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya if you within the city. For online reservations or bookings, there is a short contact form you are required to fill in indicating the type of car/service you may want and the consultation team will give you feedback within the shortest time possible.

As we all know there are plenty of questions looking for satisfying answers regarding car rentals in Nairobi and the above listed are the frequently asked questions our reservations team get daily. For more information and tips simply call us on +254-713 985762 or send an email to info@isuratours.ccom and we will gladly be at your service.